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About Sympozer

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Sympozer (formerly DataConf) is a mobile Web mashup that aggregates conference metadata. It allows browsing conference publications, publication authors, authors. organizations, but also authors. other publications, publications related to the same keywords, conference schedule or resources related to the conference publications. For this, it queries several datasources such as endpoints that serve conference datasets and information services that enrich these data. Sympozer is deployable for any conference with available metadata on the Web.

Technically, Sympozer is a modular Web application based on semantic technologies and standards. It relies on recognized RDF vocabularies to display conference contents, schedule and authors. It embeds the conference datasets, so that network connection failures do not distrub the app utilization. We are always working to add new functionalities, such as voting for best papers per track, adding social facilities between conference participants and paper authors, or recommending papers based on the user's navigation history. Feel free to submit your ideas...